Allow me to suggest a few guidelines that guarantee a enjoyable and successful experience.


  • Being a established top provider comes with the responsibility of assuring discretion, privacy and security.  Although screening is a must for all, It can be simple and painless. A fill in form can be found on "Contacts" page. 
  •  New Guest please fill out and submit the form provided on the "Contact" page.  Make sure you fill in the entire form.  You should have already decided the time, date, place and length of your session. Include your full name.  I promise to get back with you in a timely manner using the information you provide.  
  • ​Guests whom I have seen before and are established simply send me your Name, Contact number, Time and Date request, preferably via text.  My established guests always take precedence. 
  • Newbies please note a provider is not a prostitute. The donation given to a provider is for her time only. 
  • Prostitution is the exchange of money for lewd or sexual acts and is illegal.  
  • Never discuss lewd or sexual acts in any form or manner. If you choose to go this route having been warned (you ruin your  chance of booking an appointment) or law enforcement.
  • Never ask to pay less than the advertised rate. 
  • ​If you have any preferences or want to share with me something of a personal nature, please share that with me the day before we meet,  not before.
  • Please do not ask a provider to bring condoms, lube, toys, or any item of a sexual nature. If you want any of theses things bring them yourself.
  • As soon as you arrive leave your payment out in the open (preferably in a envelope) where it can be seen before doing anything else. Please Do Not make me ask for it,  or wait until later,  Since it is not illegal to accept payment for time receiving and counting your payment is allowed
  • I will always be clean and fresh and smelling excellent for you.  It is disrespectful to expect me to accept any less than excellent hygiene from your person. That includes your breath.  You are welcome to a brief shower to freshen up if needed. Please wash parts thoroughly.  Clean towel and robe are provided.
  • Do not expect me to watch the clock.  ​If you exceed your paid amount of time expect to pay additional fees at the rate of  5-6$ per minute. When your time is up there should be no attempts to continue unless you pay for that additional time.
  • When your time is up your main focus needs to be preparing to leave. A good bye kiss and hug is appropriate and appreciated.
  • Tipping is again very much appreciated however is not required. 
  • I am more than happy to provide you with a reference but only if I have seen you within the past year.   Rest assured your privacy is  paramount and discretion is always a  must.